Can an Undocumented Immigrant Get a Driver’s License in Nevada?

Can an Undocumented Immigrant Get a Driver's License in Nevada?
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In Nevada, there are several ways that undocumented immigrants may drive around the State without violating the law. However, this is subject to certain restrictions. While an undocumented immigrant is prohibited by law to get a driver’s license, he or she can instead get a driver authorization card or DAC. 

A DAC, or driver authorization card is similar to a license, except that you cannot use it as a valid identification to apply for State benefits or board a plane.

One concern that worries undocumented immigrants is that the DMV might notify the feds when they apply for a DAC. You don’t need to worry about that. The Nevada DMV is prohibited by law from doing so. Under NRS 481.063, the DMV is prohibited from notifying the feds about DAC-holders or any information about the illegal alien applicant.

Now that you are all set, the next thing you need to know are the requirements. Basically, there are two documents you need to submit upon application: (1) Proof of identity; and (2) Proof of residency in Nevada. However, if any of the above-mentioned documents is in a non-English language, you need to submit English translations thereof.

Submit just one of these proofs of identity if you are an undocumented immigrant applicant:

  •  US military ID card
  •  Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214)
  • US Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood

Otherwise, submit two of these:

  • Foreign birth certificate
  •  US DAC
  •  US driver’s license
  •  Consular ID Card

For proof of residency, submit two of these:

Dated within 60 days from issuance:

  •   Voter registration card
  •  Public utility record
  • Rent receipt
  •  Lease of resident
  • Employment check stub
  •  Federal or State Court document
  •  Credit card or bank statement
  •  Notarized statement from a rentor or homeowner
  •  Document requesting payment
  •   Receipt of public assistance
  •  Record from a school in Nevada (or ID card)
  • Record from a hotel in Nevada to show proof of at least 30 days residency
  •  Leave and Earnings Statement form (if deployed outside Nevada)

Last-issued document:

  •  Deed of trust (or current mortgage)
  •  Property  tax records
  •  Other tax records
  • Doctor’s receipt, bill, or record
  •  Insurance card, bill, or binder
  • Confidential Address Program documents

Submit the requirements in person at a DMV office in Nevada. Take note, however, that you are disqualified from getting a DAC if you have unpaid traffic tickets or a suspended license.

Once you have a DAC, you can now drive around Nevada legally. You can even use it to drive in another state. Just make sure to check the DMV of the state you are driving to.

However, if you are planning to drive a commercial vehicle, a DAC is not enough. To drive commercial vehicles, you need to secure a commercial driver’s license from the DMV. To get a commercial driver’s license, you must pass the DMV written test and the practice test. To pass the written test in Nevada you can use a resource a website that offers the DMV written test questions to practice for the real test.

Nevertheless, you can use the DAC like a driver’s license for non-commercial vehicles. Its validity has been extended too. As of July 1, 2017, a DAC issued in Nevada has a validity of four years. The DAC will expire on the birthday of the card holder.

Your DAC is renewable after its expiration. To renew your DAC, just submit two proofs that you are a resident of Nevada and bring these documents in person at a Nevada DMV.

While an undocumented immigrant cannot get a Nevada driver’s license, a documented immigrant can. The application process is different if you have a lawful status. You can apply for a driver’s license within 30 days after moving to the state of Nevada.

If you are only visiting the United States as a tourist or a visitor, you may lawfully use your country’s license (foreign license) to drive in Nevada. However, if you are an undocumented immigrant, you are required to secure a DAC.

Driving without a driver’s license or a DAC is not allow and you will be penalized. The maximum punishment for this misdemeanor is $1,000 fine and/or 6 months imprisonment.

If you are an undocumented immigrant, you may face the risk of deportation. To save yourself the trouble of being reported to the feds or landing in an immigration court, be sure to get a DAC before driving in Nevada. 

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