Download And Edit YouTube Videos To Mp4 On Your Device With Ontiva And Evano

Download And Edit YouTube Videos To Mp4 On Your Device With Ontiva And Evano
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Ontiva YouTube downloader and Evano editor helps you download and edit any YouTube video to MP4, MP3, 3GP, M4A, and many more formats.

Downloading and editing YouTube MP4 videos is as easy as that. Downloaded MP4 and edited data are going to be stored entirely on the device, and you’ll have the opportunity to get into them wherever and whenever you would like.

Obtain YouTube videos to MP4 from virtually any Operating System as well as any internet browser. It runs effortlessly on Linux, Mac, and windows and operates flawlessly with Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, and numerous other browsers. The moment video from YouTube is converted, the MP4 file can be transferred to any video playing unit of your choice, i.e., might be the music player, iPad, iPod, or perhaps other digital devices


Ontiva believes technology knows limits. Ontiva is an online media downloading platform. It is the easiest way to download video clips from YouTube. It provides all of the formats YouTube supports and transforms youtube to mp4 converter. No registration is required, no signup. This particular service is 100% free for everybody.

The entire process is a breeze, as well as frictionless, often finished in seconds after a couple of clicks. Just retrieve the link of the YouTube video through the address bar or perhaps do a search through the Ontiva platform, choose the output format, start the conversion, download the ensuing file.

How to Use Ontiva YouTube downloader? 

  • Click Copy and paste the YouTube video web link. You’ll have the choice to make use of the search box to uncover particular videos as well as their links.
  • Choose the format (in this particular situation, the quality, and mp4) for the download; the default choices are a great place to begin.
  • Download.
  • Immediately after the download is performed, you will obtain the file.


Evano is meant for editing video files and producing movies of any complexity about different visuals as well as sound effects. The program provides abundant efficiency and nevertheless has an intuitive and simple interface, enabling you to produce video clips with a minimum of efforts.

Evano is a nonlinear tool. This means that unlike in many other editors, in which scenes come one after another in a linear sequence as well as particular order, the software enables objects to be positioned in some position on the timeline and also have any size. Also, different parameters, roles, as well as the shape of items, can alter arbitrarily over time.

You are able to use different visuals as well as sound effects to the video clips to accomplish the essential consequence. Since the amount of accessible visual effects is pretty high, they’re split into 5 groups for ease of navigation: color correction, object transformation, object filters, special FX, and transition effects. Yet another way of changing the appearance of the video based on the tastes of yours is color blending.

With a broad array of adaptable parameters, you are able to connect a distinctive master design to the video. Newbies or perhaps those, who’d want saving time, could gain from attractive Instagram like filters applied in a single click.

Evano Video Editor allows for producing various shaped masks for hiding, highlighting, or blurring particular components in the video. You are able to make use of its special effects within or perhaps outside the masked place. One of the more typical reasons for masking is actually to blur a face to defend the identity or even eliminate undesirable marks.

To make a video for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and Twitter with no issues. Evano video editor provides you with specific export profiles, which considerably lower the pressure of choosing the right format as well as meeting all of the demands. Evano supports virtually all video, reputation, and audio platforms, as well as codecs. That’s exactly why you need not have some extra software to modify the files, as is usually the situation with many other programs.

How to use Evano editor for MP4

  • Open any search engine and Evano web link @
  • Click on the top right 
  • Click login if you have a registered account or sign up if you do not
  • Fill your user details 
  • Connect your account to any social media of your choice

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