How to Prepare for a Move While Fighting With COVID-19

How to Prepare for a Move While Fighting With COVID-19
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All around the world people are forced to sit at home, social distancing has become the new normal. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is unprecedented and no one knows when it is going to end.

But as the saying goes that life is to move on and many people around the world need to move from one place to another for various reasons. Some moves may be pre-planned while some may be forced due to this pandemic. Whatever are the reasons, one thing which needs to be assured is social distancing and hygiene.

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If you are planning to move during Covid-19, here are a few things that may help you especially if you are planning to hire external help:

  • Know the place you are moving to:

Before you kick start your journey, you must do extensive research about the place you are moving to. Find out how many people are infected with COVID-19 at that place, what are the medical arrangements like, how many cases are being recorded each day and what the coronavirus curve predicts. It is important to know that you are moving to a city that does not put you into harm’s way.

  • Virtual moving survey

In this era of technology and internet, there is nothing impossible, so to start you can go for a virtual survey. Usually, when you hire a moving company they send their representative to inspect the property before giving an estimate but in these times you can always ask the representative to do survey through FaceTime or video call. This is the best way to promote the no-touch, germ-free survey. You can sort all your queries telephonically. 

  • Designate only one person

Rather than making it a family affair, give responsibility to only one member of the family to oversee the move and its procedure. Do not involve many people in the process. Ask the moving company to send only one or two representatives, and in case of manpower shortage, you can always give a hands with loading and unloading. 

  • Procure enough of sanitization kit: 

Make sure that at the day of movement you have enough sanitization kits which must include towels, hand wash, sanitizers and disinfecting wipes. Also, all the members involved in the moving process must wear gloves as well as masks to avoid any contact with each other. 

  • Medical fitness

Don’t hesitate to ask for medical fitness certificates of all the representatives coming to help you with your move. Also, don’t get agitated if the company asks you for the same. This is one time where you both need to be cautious to ensure that the virus isn’t transmitted. 

  • Avoid moving:

Yes, it may sound awkward that we are suggesting that you not move, but trust us, if it is avoidable, stay where you are. COVID-19 is a serious problem for mankind and with no potential drug out there to treat patients, it is not safe to embark on a journey like this. 

However, if moving is something you cannot avoid, you must ensure that you are fully prepared to protect yourself in this difficult time. Whether it is a house move or an office relocation, full preparation can help you stay safe as you move during the pandemic.

We hope that with these tips, you can easily manage to move without breaking norms levied by the Government to fight against Covid-19 and keep yourself safe while having a great moving experience.

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