Impact of COVID-19 on Personal Injury Claims

Impact of COVID-19 on Personal Injury Claims
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The growing toll of people infected with the coronavirus has some questioning how the pandemic may affect their personal injury claims. Healthcare workers, mainly doctors, can now be immune from personal injury lawsuits. 

Aside from healthcare workers, there are still several individuals who need to go out—either because they still have to go to work since they are part of the frontline or they need to buy essentials. People can still figure in accidents. 

For example, those lining up in the groceries may suffer from a slip and fall accident since the supermarkets are now scaling their operations and may have a fewer workforce. While there is a pandemic, store owners still need to be held accountable. 

Medical Treatment is Still a Necessity

Individuals who may figure in an accident have to make sure that they get the necessary medical treatment to improve the value of their case. A medical report is one of the vital pieces of evidence that a victim can present should the case need to be elevated. 

Those who may suffer from severe injuries should make sure that they receive the necessary examination and any prescribed treatments. Victims need not worry about the coronavirus because most major hospitals now follow a strict protocol for handling non-COVID-19 patients

If the injuries don’t require surgery but require the patient to attend medical appointments, victims must still comply. However, they have to make sure that they are adequately protected if they go out. Social distancing is always a must. Victims must be able to prove that they are diligent in receiving the necessary treatment.  

If you can’t secure an appointment because of the COVID-19, then it would be best to inform a personal injury attorney of your current situation. Firms, like Schultz & Myers, will ask you to comply with the mandated checkups because that’s how they prove the extent of your personal injury. 

Current Situation Affecting Insurance Premium Payments

One of the scary consequences of COVID-19 is that more and more people are facing financial recession. As a result, many would now default on their insurance premiums or consider canceling out their insurance coverage. 

This means that more people are driving on the roads without the necessary protection that they need. In this scenario, lawyers cannot do anything to help victims claim from their providers. 

Those who have insurance coverage can expect a delay in processing. Most companies will have a skeletal workforce and prioritize according to the circumstances of the claim. 

Delays in Courthouse Proceedings

Aside from delays in the processing of insurance claims, personal injury victims should also prepare for constant rescheduling of court proceedings, particularly as some members of the judiciary and legal teams are also succumbing to the coronavirus disease. 

While some courthouses are choosing to continue their operations (albeit remotely), others are forced to close down in the meantime. These modifications ultimately lead to longer resolutions of the cases filed, and as more cases pile up, waiting time gets longer. 

Some courts have released rulings and guidelines about how their department is encouraging social distancing, improving disinfection procedures, and shifting to virtual operations. For new personal injury clients, cancellation of jury trials may not be an issue yet, as we are hoping that the pandemic would resolve by the time that their cases would reach the courts. 

It is truly a difficult time to figure in an accident during this time. As such, it would be prudent for all to ensure their safety at all times. If there would be a need to go out, only do so when necessary and follow safety precautions at all times. 

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