Interesting Facts About the State of Nevada

The United States is the land of opportunities – we all know that. Each and every state is unique as there are differences in college education, laws, local traditions, and so on. Some are free of taxes, some are not. These differences are the things that make the United States so interesting for a tourist or even a person who wants to explore something different from their hometown. You can easily write a whole essay about these differences, but we decided to focus on the State of Nevada. So, this particular piece is about some of the more interesting facts about Nevada.


As of today, the population of the State of Nevada is about three million people. This is not an impressive number in comparison to the populations of the coastal states. It is also one of the twenty-eight states that permit the death penalty. You can find lots of essays about death penalty in different states. There is an understandable attitude towards this practice, but this is mostly a law as the death penalty hasn’t been enforced for a long time.

This is an impressive tendency, especially considering the ethnic diversity of Nevada. This very fact points out that the legislative system works great. Recent statistics suggest that more than half of newly-born children are of different ethnicities. These Nevada facts about the population are quite interesting and serve as an example of a functioning society.

Trivia with an interesting history

Well, a fun fact about Nevada is its association with silver. It is often called the Silver State. The reason is simple – the territory experienced its “silver rush” during the Civil War because of plentiful silver deposits. Even more, although California is known as the Golden State, the majority of gold actually comes from Nevada! So, this trivia is quite interesting and free for use in your quiz games!

If you’re looking to start a business or whatever, Nevada is the place for you. The reason? It has no individual income tax and corporate income tax! So, if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, this is one of the places to go in the United States. I guess that this fact is also useful for college students who are looking for a relatively inexpensive place to study in terms of everyday and monthly expenditures.

What’s Nevada best known for?

What is Nevada famous for? Of course, everyone knows the answer to this question. Las Vegas is one of the United States’ icons, and it’s located in the state of Nevada. Do you remember this movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? You can find someone’s analysis of this movie online. Anyway, yes, Nevada is famous for Las Vegas, which happens to be the gambling capital of the country, if not the whole world…

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is quite a truthful statement because of all the laws that prohibit any sort of public offense because of intoxication. Couple that with a law that allows selling booze all day and night, and you now understand why this phrase has a meaning. Las Vegas is designed to be an ultimate tourist destination, and it works because it is visited by approximately forty-two million people per year. How to make an attraction spanning a city? Ask people of Nevada.


The United States is known for paranormal things ranging from bigfoot to extraterrestrials. Nevada seems to be a historical center of interest for anyone interested in these things and ufology in particular. The reason? Well, fun fact about Nevada – the famous Area 51 is located there. This location has been drawing the attention of all the conspirologists because of its status. After all, you can look this up online. Area 51 is officially a military base that serves as a testing ground for aircrafts. That is all we know, which is the reason for the heightened interest in this zone.

Combine that with alleged sightings of UFOs, and you get a rattling substance of conspiracy! Why is this object so secret and guarded? There are other questions as well, but they serve as a magnet to people who are into conspirology and ufology. After all, the majority of college students remember that flashmob to storm Area 51 with more than two million people “going” to do that. What crazy times.


All-in-all, college students can find lots of information about Nevada online. However, some Nevada facts are just funny, while others are quite interesting. An easy example Las Vegas and the death penalty in the state. Anyway, the things featured here are among those that answer the question of what Nevada is known for. Sure, there are lots of other fascinating facts, but they would take too much time to write about, so try to look online – there is a lot of free information that is worth checking out about. Some fun fact about Nevada might influence your D&D game or whatever, who knows?

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