Las Vegas Wedding Community Comes Together to Create COVID-19 Safety Plan

Las Vegas Wedding Community Comes Together to Create COVID-19 Safety Plan

The Las Vegas wedding chamber of commerce in collaboration with wedding industry leaders have developed safety protocols for operations of Las Vegas wedding chapels in response to COVID-19.

These safety protocols follow the current Nevada, Federal government mandates, and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) policies and recommendations.

The Wedding Capital of the World has a proud heritage as one of the most iconic symbols of Las Vegas. Legal and essential Marriage Commerce has been recently disseminated by constraints imposed by the COVID-19 Pandemic and the inability to obtain the legally required Marriage Licenses.

The following sets forth generally accepted procedures to keep wedding couples and parties and chapel staff members safe when the Wedding Industry can proceed with limited operations.

This uniform response by professional Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas and Clark County will greatly accelerate the return of this vital business.


1.Clearly mark the chapel property with highly visible floor markings a minimum of 6-feet apart.

2.Limit access to comply with current CDC recommendations.

3.Monitor the chapel property to insure appropriate social distancing.

4.Provide rapid thermal temperature checking device at entrance.

5.Provide hand sanitizer, disposable sanitizing wipes, and disposable masks to the extent reasonably available.

6.Provide for touchless digital payment collection if possible.

7.Remove access to unnecessary seating and lounge areas.

8.Block off non-essential areas to avoid contamination from customers and guests.

9.Provide protective plastic shield between the customers and staff to the extent reasonably possible.

10.Staff to be equipped with masks and disposable gloves to comply with CDC and Nevada recommendations.

11.Equip all limos and courtesy vehicles with appropriate sanitizing supplies.


1.Each Wedding Chapel will designate individuals who are trained to respond to COVID-19 related issues.

2.Each Staff Member will be required to hand sanitize upon arrival and throughout the day.

3.Each Staff Member will be subject to a thermal temperature check upon arrival and departure.

4.Staff Members will comply with CDC recommendations concerning PPE equipment.

5.All Staff Members will be instructed to stay at home, or go home immediately if ill, or if they display any COVID-19 symptoms, or have a temperature in excess of 99.9°F.


1.Wedding Chapel’s will encourage customers to pre-register with the Marriage License Bureau prior to their arrival in Las Vegas.

2.Staff members will conduct non-invasive temperature checks on each customer and guest (“Guest(s)”) upon entering.

3.If a Guest’s temperature exceeds 99.9°F they will be directed to stay in an isolated area and not interact with any Staff Member or Guest and will be directed to an appropriate medical care facility. Transportation in their own vehicle or an ambulance called to transport them is recommended.

4.If a Guest has a high temperature, they may only return to the chapel with a medical certification confirming they have been tested for COVID-19 or other communicable diseases and properly medically cleared.

5.Staff Members will accept payments by credit card or other digital payments. Cash payments would be discouraged.

6.There would be a limit of ten (10) Guests in any single venue unless they live in the same household or traveled together.

7.Guests will be required to follow CDC rules concerning masks and protective gear.

8.Guests will hand sanitize upon entering the property.

9.Guests will be asked to comply with the floor markings and social distancing.

10.Each Wedding Chapel will designate an employee to be responsible for ongoing sanitizing procedures in accordance with CDC recommendations.

11.Staff members will minimize personal contact with Guests and documents.

12.Limos and courtesy transportation vehicles will be thoroughly sanitized prior to each use. Limos will be limited to four Guests, courtesy vehicles limited to two Guests, and Guests will not be allowed to sit in any front passenger seat.

13.Drivers will comply with current CDC recommendations regarding protective gear.


1.Staff including the Minister/Officiate will be required to hand sanitize before and after each encounter with any Guests.

2.Guests will be required to maintain social distancing, except when they live in the same household or are traveling together.

3.In small areas (less than 100 sq. ft.) such as dressing rooms and small venues, Guests will be limited to immediate household members only.

4.Witnesses and Minister/Officiates will sign the necessary Documents at a designated area with sanitized or disposable instruments.

5.To the extent possible Witnesses will be Staff Members to avoid other Guests from handling Marriage documents.


1.These Procedures and Best Practices Recommendation are expected to be evolving while the State of Nevada and Federal Government mandates and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations are being revised in real time due to the unknown and ever changing full nature of the Covid-19 epidemic is understood. It is anticipated that these Procedures will change to meet the requirements of Phase II and Phase III of forthcoming local, state, and federal policies.

2.Adherence to these Procedures and Best Practices recommendations will greatly enhance the return of legal and essential marriages in Nevada.

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