NV Treasurer Announces Participation in EVERFI Treasurer’s Summer Challenge to Support Youth Financial Education

NV Treasurer Announces Participation in EVERFI Treasurer’s Summer Challenge to Support Youth Financial Education
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The Nevada State Treasurer’s Office today announced that it is sponsoring the EVERFI Treasurer’s Summer Challenge, taking place throughout the month of July. The EVERFI Treasurer’s Summer Challenge is a first-of-its-kind nationwide financial literacy challenge for high school students, bringing together state treasurer offices to support financial education.

The one-month challenge, created by social impact education innovator EVERFI, and supported by state treasurer’s offices, features five digital lessons and a capstone essay contest in which students will share what they hope to do after high school and how what they learned during the Challenge will help them turn that into a reality.

From all entries received nationwide, one student essay will be randomly selected as the winner of the EVERFI Treasurer’s Summer Challenge and will receive a $5,000 college scholarship. In addition, the essays from participating Nevada high school students will be entered into a special statewide drawing for a chance to win one of three prizes of $529 to be deposited into an SSGA Upromise 529 College Savings Account for the winning student.

“During this challenging time, the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office remains committed to engaging with Nevadans to increase financial literacy and set our next generation up for success in their jobs and communities,” said Zach Conine, Nevada State Treasurer. “We are proud to be supporting parents and students at this time through the EVERFI Treasurer’s Summer Challenge and hope it will help drive dinner-table conversations about important financial topics as these high school students plan for their future.”

Participating students will gain new skills to create a personalized financial decision-making framework that they can apply to their lives now and in the future. Topics include spending and saving, credit and debt, employment, and income, investing and insurance.

“Across the country, families are facing unprecedented uncertainties and challenges. Parents are dealing with the loss of income or are settling into balancing work and child care as best they can, while students are facing a summer of continued social distancing with few activities or camps,” said Ray Martinez, founder, and president, EVERFI. “We’ve always been committed to helping students increase their financial literacy, and during this time we are also working to help parents feel secure — and help students stay engaged. The EVERFI Treasurer’s Summer Challenge is a fun way for students to compete with their peers while social distancing and better preparing themselves for life after high school.”

In addition to supporting the EVERFI Treasurer’s Summer Challenge, during the month of July the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office will award three additional Nevada students $529 prizes, directly deposited Into a SSGA Upromise 529 College Savings account.

To learn more about the EVERFI Treasurer’s Summer Challenge and for details on submitting the student essay, click here.  

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