Quick Guide on How to Style Your Kimono

Quick Guide on How to Style Your Kimono
Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Women love kimonos as they provide a versatile style for any season and gives them a more complete piece that is great for any occasion. The styles are manufactured in a variety of materials for cold or warm weather. Reviewing great ways to style a kimono provides women with a multitude of outfit choices with basic pieces that look incredible.

Wear It as a Flowy Jacket in Spring

A classy spring look starts with shorts and a t-shirt. Wearing a kimono adds a flowy jacket to the outfit and makes it look classic and cute. It is the perfect combination for the changing temperatures during spring when it is warm in the day and chilly at night. The outfit is versatile and allows women to wear it for a shopping trip or even lunch with friends. Women who want to review the current inventory of kimonos can visit Filly Flair right now.

Style It With Skinny Jeans

A more elegant look pairs the kimono dress with thigh-high suede boots with a stylish tee. The look makes the legs look miles long and adds the sophisticated style of the kimono to skinny jeans that fit close to the legs and won’t flare out around the top of the boots. It is a great look for women of all shapes and sizes. A V-neck t-shirt is the best choice for the ensemble. Adding layered necklaces completes the outfit and gives it the right amount of shimmer.

Pair It With Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a great choice for a more relaxed look. The jeans aren’t excessively baggy, but they offer a more relaxed fit. Adding the kimono with strategically torn boyfriend jeans creates a beautiful outfit with the right t-shirt or blouse. Adding classy sandals can complete the outfit and make it far more appealing. Metallic or suede sandals with a slight heel are a better choice for a more relaxed look.

A Night on the Town

Kimonos are a great choice for a night on the town with friends or a significant other. The classic style of the kimono can provide a pretty style that is modest and sexy at the same time. For the look, women will pair the kimono with a strapless top, stylish jeans, and sky-high heels. Stilettos are a beautiful addition to the classic outfit and will wow the lady’s date effectively.

Cocktails With the Girls

The perfect outfit for your kimono gives ladies a great choice for cocktails with her girls. The outfit begins with bootcut slacks in a darker color such as black or gray. The slimming effects of the darker color makes the body look slimmer. Next, add an elegant blouse to the outfit that has a lower neckline that is easy to tuck into the slacks without too much overhang. Adding a structured belt can define the waist and elongate the body. The kimono makes the outfit look more sophisticated and attractive.

Women add kimonos to basic outfits to provide the right amount of flair. The dress styles are beautiful and elegant for all occasions. The additions to the outfit determine if it is for dressy or casual wear. Jeans, shorts, and the right top can alter the way the kimono looks and make it more versatile. Reviewing effective ways to style a kimono helps the women create an impressive wardrobe with just a few pieces.

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