Ring Down the Drain? Here’s What to Do

Ring Down the Drain? Here's What to Do
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Oh no! All of this extra handwashing has finally caught up to you and you just lost your precious engagement ring or wedding band down the drain. Perhaps you’ve been taking it off when you wash your hands because you don’t want the metal to get tarnished, or maybe it just slipped off when your hands were extra soapy. Even though your first inclination might be to scream or cry, all is not lost. If you need help rescuing your ring from the drain, here are several different steps you can take.

Shine some light on the situation

Before you panic, it’s a good idea to see if the ring is caught somewhere in the drain. Shining a flashlight or your smartphone’s light down the drain may reveal that the ring is caught on some other blockage or in a part of the pipe where the drain curves. If you can see your ring, this is a great sign because it means that you may be able to reach it yourself. Rather than using the old chewing gum and string trick, you’ll want to look for a telescopic magnet or other tool designed especially for getting things out of drains. After all, with something so precious, it’s best not to leave anything up to chance.

Carefully take the drain apart

Carefully take the drain apart
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If you can see that the ring is caught on the elbow of the drain or on some detritus inside of it, you may be in luck. Carefully taking the drain apart is one way to get a closer look and perhaps even rescue the ring yourself. You’ll want to make sure that you turn off your water before you head under the sink since you could cause another, even more serious, issue if you aren’t cautious. It’s equally important not to make too many sudden movements, since you may inadvertently cause the ring to dislodge and move farther down the drain. Of course, this sort of technique isn’t really possible with shower drains; however, if your ring fell in the sink. it’s definitely worth a try before you call in a plumber.

Get in touch with a plumber

A good plumber can do much more than show you how to unclog your shower drain or sink drain. Your plumber also has specialized tools that can be perfect for retrieving valuables that get dropped or flushed down the drain. One of the tools they may use is a scope with a light and camera attached to it to see if they can determine exactly where your ring is located in your drain. They also have prehensile grabbing tools or telescoping magnets to help retrieve small items, should they come across them.

Take out an insurance policy

Once you’ve rescued your ring, it’s a good idea to get it insured in case you ever lose it again but cannot retrieve it. There is no reason not to have your engagement ring or wedding band appraised for this purpose, no matter if the jewel you wear is earth-mined or lab created. After all, lab created engagement rings are scored on the same rubric as man-made diamonds by the Gemological Institute of America. While nobody wants to have to go shopping for a INSERT ment ring when they carry such sentimental value, having insurance coverage to help with the costs can make an unfortunate situation a little bit easier to stomach.

Ring Down the drain?
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Nobody wants to lose their ring, especially in something as embarrassing as an accident involving a drain. Whether it happened while washing the dishes or taking a shower, the important thing is to turn off the water immediately and take a deep breath. By following the above tips, you’ll be much more likely to rescue your ring and have it back on your finger in no time.

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