Vladimir Kush Unveils His Latest Artwork ‘Ocean Roar’

Vladimir Kush Unveils His Latest Artwork 'Ocean Roar'

World-recognized artist and owner of Kush Fine Art Galleries Vladimir Kush unveils his latest Artwork “Ocean Roar”. The unveiling took place at the Artist’s Studio in Maui, HI. This new original oil on canvas (46”x100”) is also available in two limited edition sizes on canvas (45”x99” and 33”x71”).

We know that sounds evoke images and vice versa – there is a certain music behind the magic of an image. They say that inspiration for the Tales from the Vienna Woods by Johann Strauss came while the great composer was riding in a horse-drawn carriage through the spring forest: the singing of the birds, the gentle murmur of the stream, the leaves rustling in the passing wind – the sounds of nature chiming in as he moves along.   

Music appears in the artist’s painting Born from the Sea: in the steady stirring of the waves, we hear the peaceful ocean singing a gentle lullaby to its offspring. The ocean is a living creature; it can be tender, but it can be angry as well. The ‘furious ocean’ presented in this work – the roar of the woken-up lions – alludes to the fury of human soul.

“Herman Melville in his famous novel Moby Dick poetically describes the ocean as a reflection of the living soul: “There is, one knows not what sweet mystery about this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath …”

The ocean’s gentle whisper is like a baby’s lisp or the purring of a cat, and at the same time like the roar of a hundred disturbed lions – it can be all of that!

In the painting “The Great Wave” by Hokusai, the image depicts an enormous wave threatening three boats off the coast of the town of Kanagawa, but there is a missing element, the element of sound. In Kush’s painting “Ocean Roar”, the element of sound is found in the roar of lions.

The artist, however, introduces a new theme into the well-known cultural code of art – the subject of mercy and redemption. In an earlier painting, I Saved My Soul, the lion saves his soul by releasing the victim. This notion is conveyed through the stone figure of a lion with his head raised upwards and his gaze following a gentle and soft cloud floating high in the sky—the Lamb of God, the Savior of human soul.

The unexpectedness of the connection and sudden insight, which takes your breath away, is the true measure of the painting’s value, according to the artist. 

The Kush Fine Art Gallery’s new website www.kushfineart.com is now live and features all of the artist’s work including paintings, bronze and silver sculptures and a unique fine jewelry collection. For more information follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, visit Kush Fine Art Galleries in Las Vegas NV, Laguna Beach CA and Maui HI or contact us at info@kushfineart.com.

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