WebSafety Will Eliminate All Subscription Fees for DriveSafety App

WebSafety, Inc. (www.websafety.com) has announced that it will eliminate all subscription fees for the DriveSafety app, www.drivesafetyapp.com.

Mr. Rowland Day, the CEO and founder of WebSafety stated: “Based upon the successful launch of DriveSafety just two weeks ago, we feel that it is important for WebSafety to help during this difficult economic time. We know when people get back to work and everyone begins to drive again we will see a rapid rise of accidents and injuries due to heavy use of mobile devices. Mobile device habit usage is growing. We at WebSafety want to do our part to help wherever we can and we felt that eliminating the subscription fees for the patented DriveSafety app will show our commitment to help.”

“We will refund all subscriptions previously paid so all subscribers are treated alike,” stated Mr. Day.

About WebSafety

WebSafety is a software company that has created mobile apps for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. The WebSafety app allows parents to monitor questionable and potentially harmful content or a direct predatory exchange that occurs on their child’s mobile device. The WebSafety app monitors downloaded apps, websites visited, social media, GPS tracking, allows curfew blocking, and provides real time notifications to the parent. The parent uses a real time dashboard on their desktop, laptop or mobile device to stay informed of their child’s activities.

The DriveSafety app disables the mobile device from texting and performing other related distractions while driving a vehicle. The DriveSafety app also supplies driving telematics to the driver or additional concerned parties in order to create a safer driving experience for those in the vehicle and for those on the highways and roads.

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