What To Do If You Want A Tattoo Removed

What To Do If You Want A Tattoo Removed
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Living with the regret of an unpleasant tattoo often makes an individual stay covered up to hide it. For some, this could mean they cannot wear certain outfits and enjoy them. Cosmetic surgeons have several options for removing tattoos and restoring the surface of the skin. Reviewing what to do if you want a tattoo removed shows these individuals that there is hope after all.

Schedule a Consultation With a Cosmetic Surgeon

Scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon enables the patient to discuss the tattoo removal and determine if it is the best choice for them. Cosmetic surgeons understand several different techniques for removing unwanted tattoos. The surgeon will evaluate the tattoo and determine how many procedures are required to remove the tattoo completely. Individuals who want to meet with a cosmetic surgeon contact Laser & Skin Surgery Center for more details about the procedures.

Review All Tattoo Removal Options

Reviewing all tattoo removal options determines what options are invasive and require more downtime. Today, most cosmetic surgeons use laser procedures that involve several passes over the tattoo. The procedure pulls the ink out of the skin to remove the tattoo. However, the heat from the laser is intense and could cause burns for some patients. Any patients who have experienced negative reactions to laser-based treatments should inform their surgeon about the outcome and how it affected their skin. Some individuals with paler skin could acquire some irritation under some circumstances, but the reactions are no more severe than a sunburn.

Reviewing the Risks of Tattoo Removal

Reviewing the risks of tattoo removal determine that some patients have sustained burns and scars after the tattoo removal. The size of the tattoo and how far into the dermis the tattoo is could define the patient’s risk. Most patients experience some irritation of the skin and will have scabbing after the final procedure. Some patients could develop an infection and skin discoloration. It is also possible that the patient may need surgical correction if the procedure outcome isn’t favorable. Patients who are pregnant should wait until after their pregnancy to undergo these procedures.

What You Should Do Before Your Procedure

Before your procedure, the patient is advised to stop taking all blood-thinning medications. Avoiding tanning beds before the procedure prevents possible sunburns before the procedure. Patients who have conditions such as hemophilia, diabetes, and heart disease could be at a greater risk than others. It is recommended that the patient follow all preliminary instructions before their procedures.

What To Expect After the Procedures

After the procedures, the patient will be provided with pain medication, antibiotics, and ointment to help heal the skin. Sunscreen should be worn at any time that the patient is outdoors. Although the sun can fade the color of the tattoo if more procedures are needed, a sunburn could lead to far more complications and slow down the healing process. Patients can return to their normal medication schedules after the procedure. However, any excessive redness after a few days should be reported to the doctor. Any signs of infection require immediate medical assistance.

Patients who have a tattoo they no longer want have various ways to remove the tattoo and resurface the skin. Laser-assisted removal procedures are a great way to remove the tattoos and eliminate the individual’s regrets. Reviewing what to expect from tattoo removal procedures helps the patient find new hope.

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