Elon Musk teases Fallout Themed Party

The Boring Company doesn’t have an official opening date for its underground Vegas Loop project yet, but CEO Elon Musk hinted toward a video game-themed party for when it opens its doors. 

The billionaire tech-mogul tweeted about having a Fallout-themed party “as soon as allowed” as part of the company’s grand opening plans. 

Musk is a known fan of Fallout, a role-playing video game series that lets players navigate and complete missions across post-apocalyptic environments devastated by a nuclear war. The games typically begin in or feature underground fallout shelters that players can explore in the series’ open-world maps.

The Tesla CEO even incorporated a variant of the game titled Fallout Shelter that was released in the company’s 2020.20 Software Update, last May

Musk posted a picture early Sunday afternoon with his three sons and three Tesla Model 3 vehicles at the Boring Company’s loading zone underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

The Boring Company originally began work in 2019 on the .08 mile underground tunnel system that will use Tesla vehicles to move people from one side of the Las Vegas Convention Center to the other. 

The company applied to Clark County to begin work on an even larger loop system last year that would overlap with its nearly completed convention center loop project, and connect the entire Las Vegas Strip, airport, and stadium. The Boring Company aims to reduce surface-street congestion in Las Vegas with its planned tunnel projects.

Musk’s tweets yesterday are not the first time the CEO has teased the loop system as being a possible party venue. 

The Boring Company tweeted a 12-second video last December simply titled “Tunnel Rave” that featured the tunnel’s loading area illuminated by lights and an Avicii song playing in the background.

The company planned to debut its tunnel system in January 2021. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, plans to open have been delayed. A new grand opening date has not been announced. 

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