Las Vegas Style Trends In 2020

Las Vegas Style Trends In 2020
Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Are you planning to visit Las Vegas? The city has always been associated with excitement and glamour. That’s why visitors need to pull out all the stops for the trip. Vegas is a 24-hour city, so carry plenty of wardrobe options. Here are a few tips to get you through the trip in style.


Vegas is full of glitz and sparkle. There’s color everywhere so you’ll want to be bright. Take some risks with your outfits. Nothing says glamour more than lots of bling. You’ll want to accessorize every outfit with fabulous jewels. Visit Adina’s Jewels to select necklaces and rings. A lariat necklace looks great lounging at the pool or dancing in a nightclub. Flashy rings are sure to get lots of second looks.

What to Bring

There are lots of things to do in Vegas. During the day, visitors like to sightsee on the four-mile-long Vegas strip. Imagine, you’ll see everything from magicians to scantily-clad showgirls. Dress comfortably and wear sensible shoes if sightseeing is on tap. Make sure your feet are covered, they’ll get very dirty from street dust. Many tourists plan to see the Grand Canyon because it’s close to Las Vegas. It’s possible to be stylish while sightseeing. Think nice shirts and starched bermuda shorts. Don’t wear anything without ironing out the wrinkles.


Las Vegas has very hot summers. Most visitors forget Vegas sits in the middle of the desert. Younger ladies will look fabulous in trendy jumpsuits and tiny slip dresses worn with over-the-knee boots. If you’re more conservative, think about dresses with lots of color and glitter. Ladies will need to add a wrap because it can be chilly in casinos and nightclubs.

The Pool

Visitors spend a lot of time at the pool. You can’t spend all day in the casino, and the pool helps to beat the heat. Nonetheless, don’t be shocked to see women in full makeup. It’s stylish to wear a teeny bikini and your best wedges. Men should pair canvas espadrilles with a pair of stylish sunglasses. Be a little more reserved at hotel pools because most of them are family-friendly. Ladies should bring a classy cover-up to go with the bathing suit.

Casino Wear

Many people like to gamble during the day so they can take a break from the strip. It’s okay to wear comfortable clothes. However, the casino is different at night. Nice jeans and a colorful top may do the trick for the ladies. Men should wear slacks in the evening. Be aware that some high-stakes games may have a dress code.

Night Clubs

Las Vegas night clubs expect patrons to dress to impress. No baggie jeans, jerseys, shorts, sports shoes, or capris allowed. It’s difficult to get into the best clubs on the weekend. The most stylishly dressed guests are more likely to make it in. Men should wear a dress shirt with nice jeans or slacks. Leather shoes are a must and tee-shirts are not tres chic. Women can always wear a little black dress or a stylish leather skirt. Now’s the time to pair the low-cut mermaid dress with the lariat. Diamond studs are a perfect complement to the necklace.

Vegas-style is a little bit sexy and elegant. It’s your opportunity to show off your sophistication. Remember, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

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