Travel Videos on Jay’s Jetway To Takeoffs, Landings and Travels Give People Who Are Quarantined a Virtual Vacation Around the World

Travel Videos on Jay's Jetway To Takeoffs, Landings and Travels Give People Who Are Quarantined a Virtual Vacation Around the World
Image by DUKE NG from Pixabay

For people who want to travel but can’t travel because of the coronavirus situation, there are virtual vacations available through travel videos on Jay’s Jetway to Takeoffs, Landings and Travels which is a travel channel on YouTube. The channel has over 300 travels videos that were recorded from around the world by the channel’s creator, Jeffrey “Jay” Welch.

Jay’s Jetway has videos of airplanes taking off from across the globe. Welch says that one of his favorite videos of an airplane takeoff was on a recent trip to Las Vegas. Welch describes “the flight path and the evening sky were perfect so you could see the amazing lights of the Las Vegas Strip.” The video captures many of the iconic Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos plus the new football stadium being built in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Travel Video

Other airplane takeoff videos are from Cancun, Houston, San Juan, Miami, Brussels, Bogota, Paris and Honolulu. Welch said that his favorite thing to experience during takeoff is when the airplane rises up through the clouds then suddenly breaks through the clouds and all you see from the airplane window is clear blue sky.

Jay’s Jetway also has airplane landing videos. Welch specifically enjoys landing in Honolulu, Hawaii because “you get a great view of the ocean and coastline of Oahu as you land over Pearl Harbor where you can see the Arizona Memorial right before landing.” Welch recounts his most memorable airplane landing was when he landed into San Francisco on United Airlines last Boeing 747 flight from Seoul, South Korea. There are also airplane landing videos into Kona, Los Angeles, Munich, Aruba, Kiev and Cancun.

Jay’s Jetway has plenty of videos of things to see on the ground. There is a horse ride through a rainforest in Puerto Rico. There are beach videos of Cancun, San Juan, Tel Aviv, Miami and Aruba. There are food videos from around the world. There’s dinner in Tel Aviv, Kobe steak in Cancun, ceviche in Aruba and breakfast on the beach in San Juan.  One of Welch’s most memorable travel experiences on the ground was when he got an impromptu behind the scenes view of the making of the Rose Bowl Parade floats in Pasadena, California. Welch called the experience an “amazing accidental VIP experience.”

Welch has videos for every type of traveler on the channel. There are videos of deer, whales, rodeo events and even a crocodile in Cancun. There are videos of sporting events including the 7th inning stretch at Fenway Park in Boston. There are videos of kite surfers in Malibu, wave surfers in Waikiki Beach, rainbows in Hawaii, couple’s yoga in Santa Monica, walking tours in San Juan, Kiev and Tel Aviv. There is an amazing golf cart tour video in Paris where Welch captures a model photo shoot on a Paris street during Fashion Week.

Welch hopes the travel videos will allow people to briefly escape the stress of the coronavirus situation by virtually traveling to somewhere else in their mind.  The videos are also for people who are doing travel planning and research. Welch also hopes the videos will encourage people who have never traveled “to jump on a plane and go somewhere when life gets back to normal.” But until then, click on Jay’s Jetway to Takeoffs, Landings and Travels on YouTube or enter the channel name into an internet search engine. Bon voyage.

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