What You Need to Know about Women’s Fashion and Trends in 2020

What You Need to Know about Women's Fashion and Trends in 2020
Image by Jonas Svidras from Pixabay

With summer just about here and public spaces opening back up, fashionistas across the country are gearing up and getting ready to live their best lives. Months of social distancing have left many women’s closets looking stale, though. Before heading out for that first big night on the town after so many months of boredom, take a moment to catch up on women’s fashion trends in 2020.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are back in style this year. Whether women want simple, elegant tube hoop earrings or more elaborate, gem-studden huggie earrings, they can find what they need to keep up with the latest trends over at Adina’s Jewels. Just make sure to take the occasion into account when choosing hoops and consider buying a few different types for daytime and nighttime wear or formal vs casual occasions.

Bucket-Style Bags

Hoop earrings aren’t the only thing that’s coming back into style. Bucket bags, originally introduced by Louis Vuitton all the way back in 1932 as a means of keeping champagne fresh, are the hottest new accessory trend. What’s great about bucket bags is that they’re not just incredibly fashionable and easy to match with any ensemble. They’re also super practical since they’re large enough to accommodate everything ladies need for a day at the beach or a night out on the town.

Boots and Dresses

Looking to make a splash at a casual event? Try pairing big, chunky boots with a feminine dress. Maxi dresses go great when paired with combat boots, but some fashionistas are taking this trend to the next level by paring even more elaborate, feminine designs with chunky black boots. Don’t be afraid to get bold with patterns and bright colors, either. Summer is the time for fun and experimentation, and black goes great with everything.

Colorful Leather

Colorful leather, both real and faux, already made a splash on runways this Spring and the trend is poised to continue through the rest of the year. Colors vary from pastels to jewel tones, and fashionistas aren’t just sporting bright leather jackets. They’re going for jumpsuits, dresses, pants, gothic-clothing and more. With more designers than ever starting to embrace cruelty-free products, even vegans can now get on board with this trend.

Puff Sleeves

From red carpet looks to casual wear, puffy sleeves are still holding their own on the runways and in the streets. They offer a great mix of classic silhouettes and modern touches and are flattering to all body types, so it should come as no surprise that consumers across the globe are following in the footsteps of runway models by embracing this trend. Just keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better and note that it’s fine for newcomers to choose less intimidating iterations of the puff sleeve.

Tailored Suits

This year, tailored suits are taking on a more feminine twist. Those suits most popular among professional businesswomen in 2020 place more of an emphasis on the waist and are made from softer materials like silks and linens, drawing them further away from traditional masculine blazers.

The Bottom Line

Keeping up with the latest fashions can be a fun hobby or a game-changer for careers, relationships, and more. After months of comparative isolation, fashionistas should put on their A game this summer when they head back out into the world. Get shopping now.

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