First Annual World Record Summit Attracts Top Action Sports Athletes

This fall the World Record Summit 2009 (WRS) kicks off an annual feast for the senses with an exciting, live, first-of-its-kind event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Complete with record-setting motocross back flips, Megaramp big-air stunners, and the world’s first ramp-to-ramp snowmobile jump over concrete, WRS will be the first ever forum where action sports heroes can conceive, design, and execute world record class tricks while branding themselves as part of an elite fraternity of world record holders. The stakes are high and the danger is very, very real.

Paul Thacker, a driving force in snowmobiling’s evolution, has committed to a record attempt that applies the long distance motorcycle jump paradigm to snowmobiling. Never before has a rider attempted a ramp-to-ramp jump over concrete on a sled, but Thacker’s career is founded on pushing the limits. “It’s gnarly,” says Thacker, “but it’s definitely mathematically possible.”

Other early commitments include Megaramp specialists Danny Way and Jake Brown, as well as motocross champion Nate Adams who will attempt to set a long distance back flip record. Rally car and motocross standout Travis Pastrana has also expressed interest in joining the event as it promises to be the go-to place for top-tier action sports talent for years to come.

The WRS showcase will air as a live Pay-Per-View event reaching both domestic and international markets from the heart of the world famous Las Vegas strip. Winnercomm, the country’s largest independent sports producer and winner of 13 Emmys, is teaming up with WRS to provide the most unique action sports television entertainment to date. “This type of forum doesn’t exist in the action sports realm,” says WRS 09 creator and executive producer Andy Dylan of Candufall productions. “Never before have these guys been given such free reign to really push the limits. It’s scary what they’re planning.”

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