Lamborghini Aventador Makes SPEEDVEGAS Debut

Lamborghini Aventador Makes SPEEDVEGAS Debut
Introducing brute power and explosive acceleration, meet the Lamborghini Aventador, the newest addition to the SPEEDVEGAS fleet. 

The Aventador namesake comes from that of a valiant Spanish fighting bull which is well-suited for a car with this amount of agile force. With a combination of obscene flamboyancy and raw power the Lamborghini Aventador at SPEEDVEGAS is a match made in speed heaven.

Beginning Feb. 3, adrenaline-junkies can drive the beast with packages starting at $99 per lap around the Formula-One inspired track. Dominating the 1.5 mile straight and carving across the apex with the massive carbon-ceramic brakes will leave the driver’s head spinning. Driving this car opens the senses with carefully engineered mechanics created to let in the harmonics of the engine yet silence the transmission chatter resulting in a wicked wail. The power of a car like this tops that of most car fanatics experiences, leaving the driver with a memorable adrenaline rush long after they have left the track.

To book this experience, go to or call (702) 874-8888.

* Breakfast, videos and photos, cars and drivers may be added for additional fees.

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