Liddell, Ortiz and Golden Boy Promotions in the Middle of the Next MMA Big Event

The world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is competitive to say the least. Athletes come from varied backgrounds and they are trained in numerous techniques and styles allowing for a diverse fighting style and also upping the ante for everyone who walks into the ring, not knowing what to expect from their opponent. In short, their hard work and sweat brings exhilarating entertainment to the spectators.

Golden Boy at the Helm

The Golden Boy Promotions, a renown boxing promotion, has decided to try its hand at hosting an up-to-scratch mixed martial arts event on their own in November. Of course, the organization will have to jump through legal hoops in order to get the desired license.

Headed by Oscar De La Hoya, the Golden Boy Promotion has filed an application for a permit in July. Such petitions are addressed to the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), which has to decide whether the applicant has the resources and expertise to carry out the request.

If CSAC gives Golden Boy the nod, then we are likely to see a company-backed event as early as November 24. The event, as reported, is taking place at The Forum in Inglewood, California.

Various media outlets have confirmed that the Main Event will feature two legends of the sport – Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, in what will be a long-time sought-after fight by die-hard fans. This head-to-head will mark the final chapter of the greatest MMA rivalry that helped spearhead the sport into mainstream tv.

With both athletes now conceding to fight each other, the mood is upbeat within Golden Boy. De La Hoya spoke for Fight Hub TV elaborating on some of the details about the upcoming match and pointing out that the organization was looking to finalize matters “very soon.”

He also confirmed the time of the event and said that the hosts will “do it big, just like they always do.” De La Hoya also highlighted the importance of compensating athletes well. He pointed out that while some may find the sport an entertainment, fighters do risk their lives up in the ring.

Answering a question about whether the current structure of the tournament was depriving fighters of their due compensation, De La Hoya was adamant. “Absolutely,” he said. The current structure, he admitted, made him “sick to his stomach,” he continued. A due compensation is what De La Hoya is after with Golden Boy.

A Look at the Names in the Ring

With Liddell and Ortiz having agreed to fight each other, it’s now up to Golden Boy to trash out the details. It’s worth noting that the pair have fought before with Liddell managing a victory both times.

Aged 48, Liddell hasn’t been quite so active in MMA, as he spent eight years away from the game. Meeting Ortiz for a third time would be a stepping-stone for him, as he intends to continue his career after the match, making him one of the oldest competitors to participate in such events. Whilst age seems like no deterrent to Liddell, his chances of success will definitely be reflected on the top UFC betting sites.

Ortiz, though, is no amateur either. Aged 43, he is an established name in the sport and an all-time MMA popular athlete. His last fight on record was against Chael Sonnen whom he defeated back in January 2017. Surprisingly Ortiz was also expected to retire after that fight, but he is now coming back to meet his old foe.

With Ortiz being a few years younger than Liddell he may finally have the advantage he needs. However, Liddell seems to be in top-form, which is what you would expect from a long-time fighter.

A Legacy and No Less

Both Ortiz and Liddell played an essential part in popularizing the sport in the 2000s, creating a vibrant climate for the future expansion of the league. It was not just their fights that helped them establish themselves as leaders, though.

The rivalry was also the focus of the media and the story of the two possibly strongest men on the planet captivated viewers and even people who professed no joy in watching professional fighters exchange blows. One way or another, their involvement with the sport has been pivotal.

Apart from the plot, the two fighters have been the source of much admiration by the public, driving people to attend fights in person or pay-per-view. In Tito’s own account, he is not in it for the money. Or more specifically, he’s not offered any base purse for fighting Liddell. Instead, he will get paid based on how much turn up there will be, both at the arena and viewership online. He still expects the match to pay off, though.

And besides, he has said that his only goal is to perform well during the fight, which is what he has ‘always been doing.’

Confirmed and Coming in Full Force

Now that the match has been confirmed, another thing that stands out is Ortiz’s remark about him not being paid a base purse, but instead his pay will be based on ticket sales. And that’s precisely what De La Hoya meant when he said that athletes aren’t compensated right. How is De La Hoya going to change that practice, then?

So far, no details have been released on the potentially ‘new rewarding system’ he mentioned briefly and rather vaguely. Gaining an entry in the world of MMA is definitely lucrative. Still, when done on a big promise and especially one that has the athletes’ best interest in mind, it may be worth elaborating on these points so that everyone may know that it’s not just the attempt of a company to add to their bankroll at the expense of others.

Ortiz and Liddell will meet and we will definitely be watching both the match and whether De La Hoya delivers on his promises.

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