Overnight Relay Racing Returns to Las Vegas

Ragnar Relay Series presented by NordicTrack, the nation’s top provider of overnight-relay races returns again this year for the second annual Ragnar Relay Las Vegas. The team challenge begins at Valley of Fire State Park Friday, October 22nd and finishes on the Las Vegas strip Saturday, October 23rd.

Ragnar Relay Las Vegas will cover a total of 195 miles of desert scenery with teams of 12 runners each running three legs. Each leg of the race varies in difficulty so elite and novice runners can run together in teams. Each team is responsible for providing two support vehicles, with six runners in each vehicle. One vehicle drops off the first runner and drives ahead to the first exchange point, to drop-off the second runner. Teams repeat this pattern for six legs until they hand off to their second vehicle. This leapfrogging pattern continues day and night all the way to the much anticipated finish line.

Ragnar Relays are known for their scenery and this race will surely not disappoint. Participants embark on their nearly 200-mile trek at the Red Rock Oasis at Valley of Fire State Park. The relay guides runners though natural red rock formations and desert scenery, which assures an unforgettable adventure. The race will wrap up with a finish line party at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa.

“We are excited to be back in Las Vegas,” said Chris Infurchia, CEO of Ragnar Relay Series. “Last year’s race generated an amazing turnout of enthusiastic runners, with nearly 2,500 participants. This year, we are projecting nearly 5,000 runners and we know that Vegas will definitely bring some fun energy to the race.”

This year’s Ragnar Relay Las Vegas race will support Opportunity Village, a non-profit 501c3 organization. The relay will raise money and create awareness for this organization that serves people with intellectual disabilities. Opportunity Village has grown to become Nevada’s largest private, not-for-profit community habilitation program, serving more than 3,000 people annually through vocational training, community job placement, art & life skill enrichment, advocacy, and social recreation programs. Participants and non-participants can make donations to support the mission by visiting: www.opportunityvillage.org

For more information on the Ragnar Relay Series, team specifications or registration fees and deadlines, please visit www.ragnarrelay.com/race/lasvegas

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