San Diego Charger Shaun Phillips Visits the “Pawn Stars” at Gold & Silver Pawn

San Diego Charger Shaun Phillips (c) visits the "Pawn Stars" Old Man (l) and Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison at Gold & Silver Pawn
Shaun Phillips
of the San Diego Chargers made a special visit to Gold & Silver Pawn on Monday, Feb. 20. Phillips, who is a fan of History’s “Pawn Stars,” was on a short trip to Vegas during his off-season. The outside linebacker dropped by the store just as Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison (right) and the Old Man (left) broke for lunch from production for the day (Photo credit: Gold & Silver Pawn)

Phillips and Harrison chatted about football, business and the Vegas scene before taking a tour of the famous pawnshop. Harrison gave Phillips the VIP tour where he was able to see specially kept inventory that has been featured on the hit reality series and even got to see some of Harrison’s personal memorabilia including a complete series of Chocolate “Otter Pop” skateboard decks.

Phillips took a few photos with Harrison and the Old Man before hitting the floor to glance at the rest of the memorabilia including a jewelry case that housed some past Super Bowl rings currently for sale. Phillips commented in regards to the rings, “I would never sell my ring.”

Before heading out to meet up with friends, Phillips grabbed some “Pawn Stars” t-shirts to bring back home from his visit. He said, “I am in Vegas a lot and will come visit [Gold & Silver Pawn] again.”

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