Struggling to Keep Those Extra Pounds Off? Try the Elliptical Cross Trainer

When we head to the gym, we often wonder which workout burns the most calories. Some workout stations are almost always more crowded than the others, and people have to wait up to 30 minutes to use some fitness machinery. Treadmills, stationary bikes, stair climbers and cross trainers are the most popular fitness equipment in any fitness centre. So, the competition usually boils down between these four gym favorites.

Have you been thinking about burning maximum calories within a short period as well?

Then you need to know which equipment enables the most intense cardio and helps in burning the maximum calories. After all, the beers and fries from the weekend can contribute to another extra pound by the end of the month! So which station should you pick today? Should you focus on running on the treadmill? Will cranking up the resistance or speed on the stationary bike help you increase the intensity? Should you focus solely on the elliptical trainers for a full body workout?

According to the reports from Harvard Health Publications, ellipticals offer the most effective cardio workout in terms of the calories the exercise burns. Compared to exercises of the same intensity on the stationary bikes, and treadmills, working out correctly on the elliptical cross trainer can be more rewarding. As per the most recent studies, cross trainers can help you burn up to 800 calories every 60 minutes. The exact amount depends on a person’s body type and weight. However, each elliptical trainer is different, and their difference in functions can help various body types.

Why should you rent an elliptical cross trainer before purchasing one?

Any good fitness center worth its salt has many ellipticals in the premise. They offer different stride length and intensity settings. The customisation options make these trainers ideal for varying body types that use them. One of the principal aims for any fitness enthusiast is to find an elliptical trainer that matches your natural stride. If you are shopping for a cross trainer for your home use, then you should think about your body’s necessities. Always try a particular model, check its stride length, before you purchase it. It might take you several days to find the right model. Before investing in a premium elliptical trainer, you should think about renting one for a couple of weeks. Working with a rental elliptical cross trainer will give you the opportunity to find the correct match. Click here For Range of cross trainers for home use.

Why are elliptical cross trainers worth the investment?

The beauty of cross trainers is its ability to exercise the entire body. Most cross trainers have handlebars and pedals that move in coordination with each other. Pushing on the handlebars exert the major muscle groups of the body. Unless you are merely shifting the handlebars without using any upper body force, you should be able to burn more calories than working just your legs. The modern independent action elliptical cross trainers ensure that the user exercises his or her upper body muscles along with his lower body muscles instead of just “going with the flow”. Trying out the different types of cross trainers will allow you to find out which one is the best suited for your whole-body workout.

As per the reports of the American Heart Association, about 30 minutes of moderate workout five days per week can help you remain healthy and burn the excess calories. Harvard Medical School states that a person weighing about 155-pounds burns approximately 335 calories during a 30-minute moderate activity on the elliptical. So, if you want to drop the extra pounds you have packed on during the summer or the winter holidays, pair your daily elliptical workout with a healthy diet. Adopting a low-carb, high protein diet usually pays off well for keeping the extra weight at bay.

How does a cross trainer help maintain a healthy body weight?

Interval training on the ellipticals can also help you keep the extra weight off. It usually involves short bursts of high-intensity exercises that precedes long periods of recovery intervals. A straightforward interval training workout would be a minute of an increased pace of conditioning on the elliptical followed by two minutes of slow speed and low-intensity workout on the same machine. One of the most significant advantages of interval training is that it allows you to burn the same number of calories in half the time. It causes the heart rate to increase when the speed increases for a brief period.

Right now, almost all elliptical trainers have the option of increasing the resistance. This gives the users a chance to make the workout more challenging at each step. Changing the resistance also makes the same daily exercise interesting for regular gym-goers. Increasing the resistance makes it more challenging since you have to push through with your arms and legs together. It makes the heart beat faster, and at the same time, it maximizes the breathing capacity of the lungs. It promotes a healthy and robust circulation of blood to different parts of the body. Elliptical cross trainers are one of the few fitness machinery that engages the muscles of your upper and lower bodies and challenges your core to become stronger with each session.

How is an elliptical cross trainer more effective than other workout equipment?

As per reports from the fitness gurus, who have been dabbling with different fitness equipment and workout regimens for a while, ‘mixing up the intervals with alternating resistance can keep your body lean and muscular at the same time’. Interestingly, one of the most effective ways to keep the weight off is by keeping your body and metabolism guessing. Do not indulge in predictable workouts. Recent research shows that once the exercise starts becoming familiar to the body, it begins losing impact. Pair the interval training with high resistance on elliptical cross trainers for the most effective calorie burning session you have ever experienced. Keep switching the resistance and interval variables every week for creating the maximum impact on your metabolism. This will push your heart and muscles further while maintaining a high level of calorie burn.

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