Talk Tennis with Kerry!

Talk Tennis with Kerry!
Meet Kerry, America’s most engaging tennis correspondent.  For the past five years, Kerry Feirman’s has brought an uncharacteristically unique peek into the tennis world.  Kerry dives into facts about tennis, but she doesn’t hesitate to also delve into juicy gossip that isn’t often otherwise discussed in the realm of tennis reporting.  She is quick witted and unfiltered. 

Kerry grew up as an athletic tomboy.  Once she hit high school, the sporty girl gave up her tomboy image, but could still give any of her athlete peers a run for their money.  She played #1 singles on her high school tennis team, and then went on to play Division 1 college tennis at UCSB.  Always up on the latest trends, Kerry ultimately melded her loves of sports and the latest trends, and created, “Talk Tennis with Kerry,” a sporty yet hip and edgy online destination. where “It’s more than the score.” where “It’s more than the score.”

“Look good, feel good, play good,” became her motto.  She graduated from college, moved to LA and, after years of building her brand, “Talk Tennis with Kerry,” began traveling the world to cover renowned tennis events. For the past five years, Kerry has been interviewing ATP and WTA stars, hosting tennis events, and covering the sport for tennis outlets including The Tennis Channel, Cliff Drysdale’s Tennis Association and AYS Sports Marketing. Kerry is also an ambassador to the No Sweat brand of performance headwear liners.  She is the only tennis representative with the line and she is the only ambassador of the brand who is not a professional athlete.

Following the statistics and the scores is important, but people want to know more! Talk Tennis is the only media outlet of its kind.  Kerry explores the action on the court, but also takes the talk off the court.  Kerry shows the world the unique side of beloved tennis pros known the world over. Her interviews aren’t like the others. Kerry reaches the masses, not just the huge tennis fans. Kerry Feirman gives viewers the real side of tennis.

Talk Tennis with Kerry has also transformed into a well known tennis entertainment show, the only show of its kind. Adding a little humor and playfulness to a sport that is generally so serious, Kerry says she’s, “making tennis fun again.” She is getting to know the players OFF the court, who they are as people, not just who they are as athletes. She is participating in and creating fun events around tennis to share with the world.

Kerry, when she emceed the Lotte New York Palace’s Fourth Annual “Palace Invitational"

Kerry, when she emceed the Lotte New York Palace’s Fourth Annual “Palace Invitational”

On August 23, Kerry emceed the Lotte New York Palace fourth annual, “Palace Invitational,” where some of tennis’ biggest names battled for glory in a friendly yet competitive badminton tournament in honor of America’s largest annual tennis tournament, the US Open. The playfully competitive event included brothers Alexander (Sasha) Zverev and Mischa Zverev, Venus Williams, Nick Kyrgios and two of the world’s highest-ranked tennis players Rafael “Rafa” Nadal and Serena Williams.  As ever, Kerry was at the center of it all.

Follow Kerry as she continues to hit the road to cover tennis tournaments, tennis events, and various tennis related attractions across the globe.

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And Kerry can be found on Instagram and Twitter at: @KerryLynne36 where, “it’s more than the score.” 

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