Get Summer Fit Ready with Resistance Training at BOARDLV; Gym Reopened With Strict Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Get Summer Fit Ready with Resistance Training at BOARDLV; Gym Reopened With Strict Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Board30LV, a boutique fitness studio in Las Vegas, located at 6070 S. Rainbow, Suite 4, reopened with its socially distanced group classes, offering a 30-minute transformational, full-body, low impact and high intensity workouts.  

The streamlined studio design is sophisticated, lending to powerful and concise training, using various resistance bands & movement techniques that are accessible allowing for individual attention in a class setting that can be modified for any ability or fitness level.  

BOARD30 Functional training

Due to COVID-19, BOARD30LV, offers a renewed focus on the health and public safety of fitness professionals and their clients, and has implemented reopening policies and procedures.  The 1600 square foot fitness center, allows for easy social distancing, as clients always stay in one spot the entire class, on their own Bodyboard, and each board is ideally positioned away from the other.

Prior to opening daily, the studio is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected; the number of classes are now limited and class sizes will be reduced to 7 people, which will allow for 6 feet of space between each client.  Schedules will allow at least 30 minutes in between each class, in order to clean and minimize client interaction.  Each patron is asked to remove their shoes outside of the studio and use hand sanitizer before entering; as well as disinfectant in spray bottles at each Bodyboard station with a clean towel for our clients to use.  An additional list of protocols and on-going cleaning is listed on the website and with signage at the studio.  

BOARDLV Gym Reopened With Strict Covid-19 Safety Protocols
BOARDLV Gym Reopened With Strict Covid-19 Safety Protocols

The BOARD30 discipline recruits more big and small muscle groups, than traditional forms of strength training resulting in an integrally fit and balanced body. The unique studio equipment, paired with resistance bands, creates a one of a kind fitness result, combining cardio, strength training, calisthenics, stretching and endless movement variations due to the multiple anchor point set-up.  This personalized workout can be modified for any fitness ability and levels and ideal for muscle recovery.  

From a professional athlete to a fitness novice to a person in recovery, the BOARD30 system will produce results more quickly and, in less time, than other workout systems, including:  a strong core with resulting strength and balance; toned, lengthened muscles for a leaner physique; an interconnected and integral body; improved balance; a cohesive body that is less injury-prone; an increased range of motion; reduced overall body fat and metabolic rate is higher for hours after class.

BOARD30LV classes include signature Body Board classes, HIIT training, designed to gain strength, mobility, balance and improve cardio capabilities.  The music oriented class applies elements of pilates, yoga, strength training, power moves, utilizing floor to ceiling resistance anchors.  Additional featured fitness classes include Barre, Body Board Sculpt and Balance and Yin Yoga, aimed to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility, and enhance the body’s energetic flow. Most classes are 30 minutes and end with a 5 – 6 minute cool down. 

Fitness enthusiasts may enjoy 14 day memberships for $30 and a new featured class, New Moon Yoga, a medication and tea ceremony.  This class and others including a free introductory trial class is available on the website at

About Board30LV:

Board30LV studios offer 30 minute, full-body low impact- high intensity workout. Our boutique settings allow for individual attention in a class setting and can be modified for any ability or fitness level.Located at 6070 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 4, Las Vegas, 89118.  

For more information visit the website at, email at or call 702.660.5550.

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