The Best Motorcycle Rides In Las Vegas

The Best Motorcycle Rides In Las Vegas
Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

Motorcycling isn’t the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of Las Vegas. However, the city is actually a fantastic spot if you want to jump off to some of America’s best motorcycle routes. You’ll see a number of incredible places that only a few tourists ever see. The chance to experience the desert wildlife areas firsthand is also something you don’t want to miss.

Do something different by visiting Las Vegas for your next vacation. Look for motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas and get way off the strip.

Below are the best motorcycle rides in Las Vegas:

  • Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon State Park is only 15 minutes from Las Vegas. It offers 13 miles of road that overlooks where you’ll experience spectacular views and is populated by gorgeous vistas. Hop on your bike now and head out to this park for some real fun.

  • Hoover Dam And Tillman Bridge

Hoover dam remains to be one of the greatest achievements of the engineering world. It was built back in the 1930s and was created using nearly seven million tons of concrete.

Hoover Dam is within leisurely driving distance along one highway route. People often get surprised when they learn how close it is to Las Vegas. Just head to Boulder City on the U.S. 93, following the signs to the Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam is one of Las Vegas’ tourist attractions. For those who have a more specific motorcycling goal in mind, experiencing Hoover Dam’s stunning views and the Colorado River will surely be worth it. You can even walk across the incredible Tillman Bridge on the same day.

  • Valley Of Fire And The Lake Mead North Shore Loop

You’ll have to ride about a hundred miles to reach the incredible scenic views of Lake Mead and the Canyons but this is one of the city’s best ride experiences. You’ll enter Lake Mead National Creation Area before arriving at Valley of Fire State Park. Lake Mead’s views appear every now and then to your right while views of the colorful scenery and cliffs in your left. You can opt to turn left into the Valley of Fire State Park, three-quarters of your way into the ride. It’s also possible to continue to Overton and have your lunch inside this small town.

Ninety percent of the route towards The Valley of Fire requires motorcycle riding, so it’s something that individuals interested in pure riding will surely enjoy. For hiking enthusiasts, however, the state park also offers some great hiking opportunities you can experience after the ride.

Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels
  • Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is located about 45 minutes out of Las Vegas. If you’re renting a motorcycle, it’s really a good, short ride that can help acclimate yourself to your bike. You’ll embark on US 95 north. After about 18 miles, turn left and proceed to Kyle Canyon Road/NV-157. An enjoyable 20 miles of open, sweeping roads will welcome you as you climb up the mountain. The further up you go, you’ll get a much-needed break from the heat. You’ll can can enjoy a salad, chicken sandwich, or a burger for lunch at the Mount Charleston Lodge. If you want a motorcycle ride that’s a complete contrast from the Las Vegas Strip, being up in the mountains of Mount Charleston and amongst the pine trees is your best bet.

  • Zion National Park

This park provides one of the best motorcycle runs from Las Vegas. Zion National Park offers 230 miles of fantastic landscape and beautiful sightseeing. The roads in the area aren’t that busy, providing motorcycle riding enthusiasts the possibility to speed up their bikes without any problem. Just make sure to ride safely. You can enjoy a night out since Zion National Park offers relaxation centers and even accommodations for tourists.


Now you know that one of the most popular activities enjoyed by visitors in Las Vegas doesn’t take place in a casino. A lot of motorcycle riders flock to the city to experience some of the country’s best motorcycle roads, including the ones mentioned and discussed above.

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