Tallest Resort in Las Vegas is Coming: What We Know

Work on what could potentially be the tallest resort in Las Vegas could begin soon — and it’s led by a all-star team of local developers.

The developers are currently planning an ultra-luxurious resort with 2,500 guest rooms, a multi-billion dollar price tag, and a state-of-the-art arena primed for NBA games. The project will occupy the 27-acre spot that was formerly home to the Wet ’n Wild waterpark.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the project is being led by LVXP, a Las Vegas-based real estate development firm that includes experts in technology, finance, marketing, sports, and more.

The team behind the tallest resort in Las Vegas said that the facility could house up to 20,000 entertainment seats, technologically advanced guest rooms, a casino, convention center, retail plaza, and food outlets that showcased the best restaurants in Las Vegas.

Although the potential property does not currently have a name, the developers said it could turn out to be the first “seven-star resort” in Las Vegas.

As evidenced by the shift toward sustainable practices among Las Vegas hotels, the team said that the project will prioritize green initiatives and environmentally conscious development.

If you’re wondering how the development could become the tallest resort in Las Vegas, the team is currently exploring it. According to the Review-Journal, the team is looking to revisit Federal Aviation Administration rules capping construction at 1,200 feet.

For context, The Strat is currently the tallest building west of the Mississippi River since it clocks in at 1,149 feet.

It isn’t currently clear when the resort might open to the public, since it’s still too early for even the design phase. But, suffice to say, big things may be in store for Sin City.

Media credit: Image licensed from Adobe

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