Big Changes Are Coming to NoMad Las Vegas

Major changes are coming to NoMad Las Vegas, a boutique luxury hotel currently located on the Las Vegas strip.

The NoMad Hotel Las Vegas is a 293-room property that occupies the top four floors of Park MGM, an eco-friendly hotel that continues the trend of Vegas going green and investing in sustainable health.

However, the Las Vegas Review-Journal notes that the NoMad Las Vegas won’t stay the NoMad for long. “In the coming months,” the hotel will see a rebrand following an acquisition of the brand’s other properties.

Basically, Hilton announced that it plans to acquire a majority controlling interest in the hospitality company currently behind the NoMad brand. Although the deal will include as many as 10 NoMad properties across the world, it will specifically exclusive the branch in Sin City.

To that end, it isn’t clear exactly how MGM Resorts International will rebrand the hotel. MGM is currently a partner in the NoMad brand, and operates Park MGM, which is one of the best eco-friendly hotels in Las Vegas.

If you aren’t familiar with the NoMad already, it first opened in 2018 as part of a $650 million renovation of the hotel formerly known as the Monte Carlo.

Compared to other potential properties, the franchise considers the hotel a “great home layered with stories and animated by the collective spirit of its inhabitants.” The hotel brand itself is the company’s “vision of an artfully-lived life.”

If you stay at the hotel, you can expect custom linens, mahogany writing decks, marble tile flooring in the showers, and original curated artworks. A food and beverage program also promises to foster the “next generation of visionary talent” based on a foundation of tradition.

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