Evel Knievel Museum Moving to Las Vegas With Heavy Metal ‘Chuck E Cheese’

The Evel Knievel Museum is officially moving from Topeka, Kansas to Las Vegas, and there are plans to include an ‘80s metal version of Chuck E Cheese on the property.

Along with motorcycles, memorabilia, and other Evel Knievel-themed exhibits, the warehouse-like building at 1001 South 1st Street in downtown Las Vegas will also include a pizza parlor with an animatronic band.

On the museum side, you can expect attractions like a virtual reality jump experience and a “broken bones interactive” with real-life X-rays from Evel, according to Eater Las Vegas.

As mentioned earlier, there will also be an old school pizza parlor that features a Chuck E Cheese kind of vibe. The pizza parlor will include an animatronic band playing 1980s metal music, as well as an overall Dungeons and Dragons-themed aesthetic.

For example, the pizza will be served on cracker crusts, while you’ll be drinking your beer and cocktails out of Viking horn glasses or medieval steins. The Evel Knievel Museum space will also feature games like pinball machines, retro arcade consoles, Skee-ball, and a 1970s-style carnival dark ride.

Dapper Companies is the company responsible for the retrofit of the warehouse space, which it purchased in 2022. When it opens, the parlor will likely make the list of the best pizza restaurants in Las Vegas. Or, at the very least, it will be one of the most unique.

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Media credit: Images courtesy of Dapper Companies

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