Here’s How Las Vegas Will Stay Safe During Super Bowl LVIII

In Las Vegas, Super Bowl LVII is nearly upon us — and city and federal officials are working hard to make sure everyone stays safe.

Both local police officials and federal agencies are bolstering security ahead of the event on Sunday, during which the Las Vegas Strip will see at least 65,000 fans attend the big game and 330,000 others take part in game-day festivities, according to KLAS 8 News Now.

Because of the numbers, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security classifies the Super Bowl as a level-one special event since it’s a “significant events with national and/or international importance that require extensive federal interagency support.”

To that end, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is urging residents to help keep the city safe and secure.

“If you see something, say something,” said LVMPD Sheriff Kevin McMahill at a press conference. “We rely on you, as we do every day of the year, to provide tips to keep our community safe. I promise you, you will never waste our time with any suspicious reporting. Let us do the legwork to determine if the threat is real.”

The LVMPD will also have some back-up when it comes to keeping Las Vegas safe during the Super Bowl. The Nevada National Guard is also on-station and will be standing by to support first responders this Sunday.

Homeland Security, local authorities and partner agencies also have agents all across Las Vegas Valley handling explosive detection, cyber risk assessments, venue screening and field intelligence teams, and air security.

In other words, Las Vegas will be very safe during the Super Bowl, meaning you can take part in game-day festivities like the Flavortown tailgate and Super Bowl watch parties with peace of mind.

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