Best Places For Car Lovers To Visit In Vegas

Best Places For Car Lovers To Visit In Vegas
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If you’ve always been a car enthusiast, you need to schedule a pilgrim to Las Vegas to enjoy the mesmerizing sights and events that await you. There’s an extensive range of activities for you as well as your spouse and kids if they’re tagging along on your adventure.

You can visit a car museum to learn more about the evolution of automobiles throughout history. You also have the chance to check out auctions or get behind the wheel of a premium sports car and take it for a spin around the racetrack.

When planning for your Las Vegas itinerary, check out these places that are exclusively dedicated for car lovers like you:

1. Car Museums

As a car enthusiast, you’ll enjoy getting up close and personal with the ancient cars from the glorious past. Some of these Las Vegas establishments are built by automotive manufacturers to showcase their works through the years. Others are antique collection of old vehicles that are preserved in mint condition.

These are a few of the car museums that you can visit in Las Vegas:

  • Carroll Shelby Heritage Center – This establishment is home to the race car maker’s most notable models. You can also find some prototypes of their newer products. You’ll learn in detail about the great company which was established in 1962. The best thing is they arrange daily tours of the center which is free of charge. However, it’s advised to check with them beforehand these days due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Hollywood Cars Museum – Visiting this museum hits two birds with one stone because you can immerse yourself in pop culture, specifically, the cars used in popular movies and TV shows. You can see vehicles from “Back to the Future,” “Knight Rider,” and “Batman Returns.” 
  • Liberace Garage – Liberace was a famous pianist, also known as Mr. Showmanship. Notable vehicles in the collection include the 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V, a patriotic 1952 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn convertible painted with the US flag colors, and his renowned London taxi.

2. Car Auctions

Whether you’re out to spend considerable dough for your dream vintage car or you just want to see luxury automobiles up close, you should search for car auctions during your time in Sin City. These shows feature everything from prewar classics, muscle cars, hot rods, and exotic vehicles, which make them one of the best things to do in Las Vegas during the day.

3. Racetracks

For car lovers with adventurous spirits, you can take time on the tracks and spend your time behind the wheel of premium sports cars. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will surely get your blood pumping. Moreover, it’ll also boost your appreciation of the precision and quality of these automobiles.

Some of the top racetracks in Las Vegas include:

  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway – You can enjoy the 1.5-mile tri-oval racetrack at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which is situated about seven miles outside of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s also the location for two NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series race weekends each year.
  • Exotics Racing – In this supercar driving experience, you can select from an assortment of 50 exotic cars and 23 race cars. It has a 1.2-mile track inside the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
  • Dream Racing – If you’ve always dreamt of driving a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Porsche GT race car, you can fulfill this desire at Dream Racing. Drive these babies through a 1.2-mile road course still at the infield of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

4. Car Restoration Shops

To know more about the process of customizing and restoring cars, you may visit special places and events at Las Vegas. Count’s Kustoms is a popular shop owned by Danny “Count” Koker of the popular TV shows “American Restoration” and “Counting Cars.” WelderUp is another go-to car restoration place that offers a Real Deal Tour, which includes a behind-the-scenes feature of their process.

5. Automotive Trade Events

To know the latest cars in the automotive industry, you can join trade shows where manufacturers display their prototypes and provide more information on their products and services. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show is one of the largest events held in the Las Vegas Convention Center and draws in thousands of buyers from all over the world.


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Las Vegas offers several sights and activities for car enthusiasts. You may visit museums to learn more about the history of automobiles or go to auctions and check your dream vintage car up close.

If you’re looking for adventure, you can go for the ultimate car racing experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in the customization and restoration process, learn from the masters and visit shops that provide this service. Lastly, you can schedule your trip during trade events to stay updated on the developments in the automotive industry.

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