What is ‘NachoGate’ in Las Vegas? What You Need to Know

One Las Vegas casino is currently embroiled in a controversy involving a plate of nachos and a viral social media post. Enter Nachogate.

The NachoGate controversy started earlier in January when social media user Mike Herman posted a picture of a very sad looking plate of nachos, according to Eater Vegas. Reportedly, Herman ordered it from the Sportsbook, a bar located at the newly opened Fontainebleau casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

In the image, there appears to be just a handful of tortilla chips and toppings. For many users, the sad state of the nacho plate was made even more egregious because of the fact that it cost $21.

In the wake of that post, many Las Vegas locals took to criticizing Fontainebleau — a hotel and casino that has only been open for about a month.

It wasn’t just locals or visitors that took to poking fun at the sad plate of nachos. Other hotels and casinos around the Las Vegas Valley took to social media to post pictures of their own nacho plates, which just generally looked better.

Amazingly, the Fontainebleau casino actually responded to the NachoGate controversy by apologizing for the “awkward” state of the nachos. In a post on Jan. 25, the casino wrote that the nacho dish has “matured into one stacked snack.”

Sometimes, all it takes is one person to speak up to create positive change. At least, for nacho plates in Las Vegas.

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Media credit: Image licensed from Adobe

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