New Dim Sum Spot Washing Potato is a Treat For The Senses

If you’ve ever wanted to eat delicious dim sum — or dumplings — in an incredibly unique and fun environment, then Washing Potato is the restaurant for you.

At its core, Washing Potato is a thoroughly unique experience. From the stark and modern architecture to the black-box lighting, eating delicious dumplings at this restaurant will be an experience like no other.

Black walls and white furniture, as well as dazzling lights, set the stage for an immersive experience that feels a bit like a theater. However, Washing Potato won’t just be a feast for the eyes and ears — it’ll also be a feast for your tastebuds.

Located in the newly opened Fontainebleau Las Vegas resort, the restaurant features a stacked menu of delicious and authentic cuisine, from roasted duck to dumplings stuffed with squash and pine nuts.

In addition, from June 16 through Sept. 5, Washing Potato will be offering a three-course prix fixe menu for the affordable-for-Vegas price of $45 per person. The menu will be offered every Sunday through Thursday from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Options on the prix fixe menu will include:

  • Dim sum, such as shumai or har gau
  • Entree, such as beef chow fun or sweet & sour chicken
  • Dessert of hazelnut ice cream

Although relatively new, Washing Potato is sure to skyrocket to the top of the list of the best Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas.

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